Business Analytics Consulting Services

The rapid proliferation of data is leading to greater opportunities for organizations to leverage it to create the desired impact. At Vasutti, harnessing data meaningfully and embedding this into its engagements is a key feature, to generate high quality Business Analytics strategy that:

  • Boosts an organization’s collective IQ through real time insights
  • Assists people across the organization to make faster, better decisions
  • Allows ad-hoc reporting, self-service data visualization and dashboards

Vasutti, means Enrichment in Sanskrit. To Enrich the Business, we help organisation to understand and implement the below mentioned 8 Steps of the “Information – Action” Value Chain in Business Analytics. 

  • Data Capture by Source Systems – Events and Characteristics in the Real World 
  • Data Storage 
  • Data Extraction – DI / DQ
  • Analytical Methods 
  • Summarize and Interpret the Results
  • Develop Strategy & Plan 
  • Deliver the Pitch
  • Take Action 

Our approach to Business Analytics is framed to understand and shed light on the following

  • Descriptive – What’s happening in my business?
  • Diagnostic – Why’s it happening?
  • Predictive – What’s likely to happen?
  • Prescriptive – What do I need to do?

We believe Businesses benefit from leveraging Analytics in three ways:

  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Uncover hidden insights
  • Innovate to drive bottom-line growth

In addition to the above, Vasutti offers customized programs in the following areas

Business Intelligence for Advance Selling​

Customer Churn Management

Operational Insights & Excellence

Employee Retention Management

Financial Insights & Excellence​