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Business Process Re-engineering

Processes develop fat and non-value adding activities over a period of time. The original intent of the process is soon forgotten, and following the process, sadly, becomes sacrosanct. Our BPR approach starts with understanding the customer's current, and foreseeable future requirements. We map out the business process in its present state to identify what is working and what is not working from a customer point of view. We then redesign the business process without hesitating to overhaul it, with a premium on Technology-enabling the business process to meet customer's requirements, as well as making it simple to follow for the process users.

We are confident of an overall improvement in the business process by ensuring that objectives like productivity, cycle time & costs on the one side, improve along with other equally important objectives like quality, customer service & satisfaction.

Our approach to BPR is built on the foundation of simplicity, compelling vision of higher customer satisfaction with profitable operations. We work closely with the Leadership Sponsors to help for buy-in and transparency. We involve the right experts who not only provide the guidance and direction, but also help support effective implementation.

Our time tested BPR steps are:

Workflow Enablement

In implementing the enhanced work design it is imperative that it is adhered to by the stake-holders. Our workflow enablement platform is easy to design, cost effective and flexible, guaranteeing adherence to the revised design. We digitize your manual processes, and technology enable them, to make them immune to variations in people, process, and technology.

Business Process Assurance

Workflow enablement results in standardization of your business processes, ensures delivery of desired outcomes, and leads to digitization of work. However, it is crucial to regularly check if the business process is actually giving desired results. We do this through a combination of audit management, and risk cum opportunity analysis. Our experts provide that assurance by identifying adherence to the business processes, and by seeking out latent weaknesses in these processes. Our recommendation of a combination of self-checks, supervisor led quality checks, and third-party checks will improve process discipline. Our process vulnerability identification methods will identify risks and opportunities. We help you design risk mitigation actions that generate business and customer outcomes.


In addition to the above, Vasutti offers customized programs in the following areas

Operational Excellence


Workflow Enablement

Process Assurance

Productivity Enhancement​

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