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taylors university partnership for interns

Graduation is an inflection point in the lives of students. Students are at a cross-roads and wonder what to do next? ‘Should I search for my dream job or should I pursue a Master’s Degree?’ is a key theme

We support students who consider attending a university by providing a way to leverage industry experience and expertise. We provide them with a unique opportunity to benefit and grow from the experience of our Practitioners, through a well structured partnership with Taylor’s University.

Our endeavour is to provide them with exposure to practices and processes which are changing and re-shaping Organizations. This is done through a multi-mode approach that may span – projects, lectures, case studies, etc. and draws upon the wealth of knowledge of our Practitioners

Fundamentally, it helps preparing the students better for the opportunities ahead and enhance their ability to succeed in a highly competitive world

This is how we help Universities & Students through our Partnerships:

Students asking questions on:

  • Dream Job
  • Career Path
  • Self Development
  • Qualifications – Higher Studies
  • How to cope up with education / Job
  • What to achieve in life

Vasutti Creating Future Leaders

corporate culture training

A good collaboration pushes the boundaries of both partners

Taylor’s University :

  • Amongst Top 100 in Asia
  • Teaching Excellence
  • Distinctive Cross Cutting Theme
  • Centre for Excellent Research
  • Diverse Study Options
  • Code of conduct reflects accountability