• Achieve 30% Increase in Productivity Without Diluting Quality & Customer Experience
  • Reduce Support Costs by 20%
  • Rocket your Profitability by 5%
  • Transform Processes Without a Hiccup

What Was Learnt

The Business Excellence Model

  • Relationship between Growth in Sales/Profits and Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Relationship between Level of Customer Satisfaction and Process Outputs
learning event

Identifying Improvement Opportunities

  • The 3Ms – Muda (Wastes), Mura (Unevenness), Muri (Overburden)
  • Types of Sub-Optimal Process Results
  • Benchmarking

The Robust Improvement Approach

  • Consistency and Focus on the Target
  • Controlling Metrics with Targets & Limits
  • Improvement Methodologies – Kaizen & DMAIC
  • Synchronized, Balanced Flow
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Overall Engagement Effectiveness
  • The Roles We Play


  • Expert in Business Process Re-engineering, Workflow Enablement, Business Process Assurance.
  • 27+ years of experience in Operations, Business Excellence, Quality Management, Compliance & Risk Management.
  • Service Industry: 17+ years, Manufacturing: 10+ years.
  • Worked with industry leaders: Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, 24/7 Customer, Omega Healthcare.
  • Performed senior roles: Head of Business Excellence, Quality Management, Global Assurance, Operations.

    Satya’s Achievements

  • Achieved and exceeded Financial Savings which was 1% of Revenue.
  • EBITDA baseline improvement of more than 5% through Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Wastage reduction of more than 30%.
  • Productivity improvement of more than 30%.
  • #1 Outsourced Vendor more than 80% of the time.
  • Customer Satisfaction Levels of 85% and more.

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