Customer Centricity & Service Orientation

Customer Service is not about just one department or team, rather it comprises of several champions across the organization who prioritize the products, processes, technology, and attitudes in the best interest of the Customer and works in tandem to provide the ultimate delight to the Customer. To be Customer centric, organizations must EMPOWER their employees to be PROACTIVE reflecting the right attitude while dealing with those MOMENTS OF TRUTH (MOT) and garner unflinching support during service recovery for calling it a TRUCE.


Ensuring Customer confidence is a key imperative courtesy the changing times. Having a clear, consistent message and communication with consumers allows for better outcomes in all situations. In this digital environment, the importance of written communication has been higher.

PRECISE by Vasutti, has been designed to address the challenges of written communication, faced by Frontline teams. The program aims to enhance competencies and capabilities of customer centric teams, to allow for clarity, transparency and greater responsiveness.

Business Communication Program, Behavioral & Soft Skill Training
remote work setup & hybrid model


REMOTE by Vasutti is built to focus on the core aspects of BPR & Technology, Business Analytics, Virtual Training, and Customer Experience. Our carefully structured intervention will closely analyze and enhance the experiences of all customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

Vasutti is prepared to help you navigate the challenge of working remotely in the wake of the pandemic. We focus on all the various aspects of Remote Work Hybrid Model that could be optimized to always keep your organization on top of the game.


E.N.A.B.L.E. is a one of its kind programs that looks at both internal & external dynamics faced by mid-tier leaders, as they manage large work force internally while also dealing with Customers which requires an outward orientation. This is a role that has diverse pull & push from many stakeholders. The program addresses this comprehensively by looking at – Teamwork, Delegation, Communication, Motivation, Conflict Management – to ensure that teams are in harmony. It also looks at the dynamics of Client Engagement through – Data Storytelling, Culture & Context, Relationship Building, Shared Objectives, Governance – to ensure that the leaders make a lasting impression on clients and make it a differentiator.


LEAD is one of its kind programs that transitions new Frontline Leaders from being Individual Contributors to Team Leaders, as they scale up to handle work force and deliver on performance metrics. The program is designed to develop effective situational leadership and communication abilities in the participants, and thereby ensure the leaders make a lasting impression and excel in their roles. 

Change Management

Effective organizational change requires coordinated effort from all parts of the organization. Vasutti through established models of managing change assists organizations to adopt and sustain both transactional and transformational change.  The key steps include the following:

  • Create awareness through communication on the reason for the change.
  • Motivate people through empowerment and engagement.
  • Equip people with the required training to address skill gaps.
  • Eradicate barriers through practice sessions and handhold key stakeholders.
  • Reinforce and sustain the change through positive feedback, share success stories, and celebrate milestones

Sales Training

The sales team’s ability to engage buyers and drive momentum throughout the course of a sale requires conscious practice of techniques that can be learnt and imbibed.  A comprehensive set of skills such as listening and communication skills, the art of probing, analyzing data, presenting effective solutions, persuasion skills lead to powering of peak performance through Vasutti’s Sales programs:

  • Retail Sales
  • Virtual Selling
  • Catalyst in Sales

Facilitation Skills Training

Organizations are often able to identify the Subject Matter Experts who have the technical knowledge of the product and process but lack the training skills for becoming effective Facilitators.  Vasutti’s Train the Trainer (TTT) program enables these individuals to hone the requisite competencies that catapults their communication and interpersonal skills using various instructional techniques, thereby transforming them into effective facilitators.

Presentation Skills

The strategic and effective presentation of ideas and initiatives to key stakeholders and customers is an obvious requirement felt by an individual and the organization for their evolving leaders and managers.  Vasutti’s Presentation Skills training has all the components of content design, analysis of audience, platform skills, virtual presentation skills and persuasion skills that can be emulated by the individuals and groups across levels in the organization. The result is the emerging group of confident personalities who can impact, influence and persuade the audience in a meeting or review held internally or externally.

Art of Coaching

Leaders and managers in organizations are engaged in motivating, developing, and providing feedback to their teams for continuous improvement.  This requires a conscious practice of behaviours and an approach that is non-directive and yet empowering.  Vasutti’s Art of Coaching by senior consultants gives the opportunity to delve into an abundant pool of case studies and the learnings, that draw the individual’s attention to adopting a perspective that is non-judgemental, concentrates on defining the problem statement, use of flexible behaviour, constructive approach of discussions, and lateral thinking.

POSH Awareness Program

Rights and Responsibilities are two sides of the same coin and Vasutti’s POSH Awareness Program engages employees to understand the nuances of the Act on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace covering all provisions of the Act – Prevention, Redressal and Prohibition.

Lean & Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology that has delivered stellar results to a variety of industries across the globe. If your company is on a Transformation journey with an aim to improve the company and employee performance by identifying and eliminating the waste of resources and process/product defects, then this training is apt for you. It combines the proven process improvement methodology of Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise.

Vasutti offers full-suite solutions on Training Lean Six Sigma and also helps you in Implementing and benefitting out of this proven approach.

Problem Solving and Variation Reduction

Every organization fights the unknown enemy which is the Variation in their processes that results in delivering inconsistent performance to their customers. Also, organizations go through their day-to-day problems which limits them to achieve their Business Goals & Targets and ensure higher customer satisfaction. Employees knowledge on using the right kind of problem-solving tools are essential to eradicate the problems immediately and achieve better performance. Vasutti has proven expertise in developing & customizing Problem-solving Training solutions to all level of employees, which can empower your employees to deal with both simple and complex problems and ensure to identify the correct root causes and eliminate them to achieve a better performance and results.


The term Kaizen is a Japanese concept that means continuous improvement that involves everyone in the organization, including – Top & middle management, Supervisors, and Workers/Associates. It focuses on ‘Incremental and continuous improvement’ with the Involvement of the entire workforce in the process, with the concept of ‘No idea is too small’. Vasutti provides Kaizen foundation and practitioner training to various sections of your employees. This training will help them Identify problems in their process with a focus on reducing Non-value (NVA) steps and eliminating/reducing 7 kinds of waste. The participants will be able to bring the change, by collecting, verifying, and analyzing data on their waste (NVA) sources and work as a team to identify solutions and implement them to achieve desired results.

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