remote work setup & hybrid model


REMOTE by Vasutti is built to focus on the core aspects of BPR & Technology, Business Analytics, Virtual Training, and Customer Experience. Our carefully structured intervention will closely analyze and enhance the experiences of all customers, employees, and stakeholders. 

Vasutti is prepared to help you navigate the challenge of working remotely in the wake of the pandemic. We focus on all the various aspects of Remote Work Hybrid Model that could be optimized to always keep your organization on top of the game.


Ensuring Customer confidence is a key imperative courtesy the changing times. Having a clear, consistent message and communication with consumers allows for better outcomes in all situations. In this digital environment, the importance of written communication has been higher.

PRECISE by Vasutti, has been designed to address the challenges of written communication, faced by Frontline teams. The program aims to enhance competencies and capabilities of customer centric teams, to allow for clarity, transparency and greater responsiveness.

Business Communication Program, Behavioral & Soft Skill Training
CHURN for Customer Lifecycle Management


One of the key cornerstones of successful organizations is higher customer stickiness and retention. At Vasutti, we have designed a comprehensive program that focuses on Customer Lifecycle Management  , ensuring higher customer retention and growth.

Our Churn management program is carefully structured to incorporate aspects such as Management Commitment and Organization Culture, Customer Experience and Life Cycle Management, Analytics, Team Capability among other aspects.