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Project Management

At Vasutti, we believe that any activity or an initiative can be broken down into smaller measurable tasks. These tasks can then be monitored closely to ensure we meet the end deliverable with negligible time or cost escalation.

Our Project Management Methodology achieves the above by ensuring:

· We Understand the VOC & the Client’s Pain Point

· Set up process for seamless knowledge transfer

· Minimum disruption for BAU tasks

· Identify anticipated risks & put in place mitigation plans in advance

· Set up a transparent & robust governance framework.


Our 7-step methodology will benefit the clients in three ways –

1. Robust Process Tracking approach which can be customised for process migrations, site set ups, L&D initiatives & Process Improvements

2. Most appropriate phasing of complex tasks with escalation matrix

3. Transparent Governance Framework

In addition to the above, Vasutti offers customized programs in the following areas

Voice of Client & Critical Success Factors         Identification

Stakeholder Analysis

Create, Deploy, Monitor​

Governance Framework

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