Business Excellence Management Models (BEMS)

Conundrum of multiple standards & models

Adopting International standards and Business excellence (BE) models are always key aim of any organization. However, many organizations struggle to reap the full benefits, due to poor understanding and ineffective implementation of such international standards and BE models and continues to be a challenge even in today scenarios.

  • Multiple International standards and BE models/awards promote best practices and brings in efficient Quality/Business management systems (QMS/BMS).
  • One reason to adopt & comply to the full standard is to get certified by Third part agencies.
  • Challenge is to choose & adopt one standard, while they miss out on the benefits of other standards.  Or adopt multiple standards and end up having multiple QMS/BMS systems and documents to comply with.
  • ISO: 9001 – Quality Management system standard (QMS)
  • ISO: 27001 – Information security management systems (ISMS)
  • COPC: A globally recognized performance management framework for an organization to measure and improve all operational activities that support the customer experience.
  • TQM: Total Quality Management that includes TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) – a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production with No Breakdowns and TEI(Total Employee involvement).
  • Rajeev Gandhi National Quality award (RGNQA)Given by the Bureau of Indian Standards to Indian (BIS) to organizations that show excellence in their performance and promote quality services to the consumers. This model is equivalent to MBQA / EFQM.
  • Deming Prize: The highest award on TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world, that recognizes businesses that have successfully implemented TQM principles.

What if we say

  • You need not adopt multiple standards and BE Models.
  • Pick up the best portions from many such international standards/ Business excellence models that suits your organizational and business demands and be the best in the whole industry.

Welcome to BEMS – Business Excellence based management systems

  • Develop and implement a BEMS is possible by involving the right kind of experts, who have a thorough knowledge, authority and implementation experience on such international standards and Business Excellence models.
  • Vasutti offers you solutions that are customized to suit your organization’s goals and demands and be the best in your industry and stay on top of your competition.

Our approach to BEMS

  • Conduct a thorough diagnosis on the organization’s current systems and capabilities to adopt such standards and models. Aspects to be checked upon:

    • Current compliance & Employees Knowledge level to already implemented systems and standards.

Future Roadmap

  • Establish organization’s Goals and validate linkage to their business plans
  • Define Target end state on Business metrics like – Improved SLA, CSAT, Quality, Productivity, On-time delivery, reduced interruptions, etc.
  • Vasutti to develop a customized Business Excellence (BE) model and best practice by taking inputs from various standards and award models.
  • Document, implement and train all employees towards such BE model and customized requirements.
  • Continuous Audits done to identify gaps to improve compliance, refine the system and enhance the overall performance.
  • Validation of results towards the Targets and end state.
  • Sustenance mechanisms to avoid any fall and improve on the overall performance.

Why Vasutti?

Our professionals have the following implementation experience

    • Certified Lead Auditors in many standards like – ISO:9001, 27001 & COPC.
    • Our professionals have > 50 yrs., of implementation experience in adopting and achieving certifications to many international standards
    • Implemented such BEMS models on multiple occasions for various type & size of organizations in the domains of - Automotive, BFSI, Engineering services, Healthcare, IT & ITES, Telecom, Manufacturing and Process industries.
    • Program managed, developed and implemented RGNQA model and achieved the Winners (1st place) Award for a very large ITES company category.
    • Panel member in auditing committee of 3rd party certification agencies
    • Member of international standards body like SASO.
    • Trained multiple organizations on such quality models and concepts like – TQM, TPM, ISO:9001, TS-16949, MSA, FMEA and COPC, Deming & RGNQA.

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