Customer Experience (CX)

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Customer Experience (CX) is the customer’s perception of their experience with your organization. CX is the outcome of every interaction the customer has with your brand and business – call centre, store visit, web site or just using your services or products. Customer Experience is impacted by several aspects and influences the customer’s decision to stay with your organization.

Key benefits of a great Customer Experience include

  • Greater customer loyalty & retention
  • Enhanced Trust and Brand
  • More customer acquisitions
  • Improved customer conversions

At Vasutti, we believe that superior and distinctive Customer Experience does not happen by chance, it must be carefully designed. We believe putting Customers First is good for the business, but this is often easier said than done. Our approach is comprehensive and covers several vital aspects spanning - Leadership Focus & Culture, Voice of Customer, KPIs & Metrics, Process Improvement & Simplification, Customer Journeys, Communication, Technology. We leverage insights and interactions to help organizations focus sharply on Customers, Trade and Frontline and create differentiation, leading to NPS Leadership and enhanced Customer Loyalty.

There are diverse approaches to measuring CX. Key ones are – Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), First Contact Resolution (FCR), Time To Resolution (TTR). While the approaches may be many, the outcome is a great customer experience, leading to enhanced loyalty and lower customer attrition

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