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Q 1. How did Vasutti come about? What triggered the thought for this?

In my close to three decades of professional experience, I worked with a range of stakeholders including Clients, Partner Organizations, Consulting firms. I gained new understanding from them and it also gave me a chance to reflect. I envisioned the opportunity to build an organization from scratch that had vital differentiators which could add value in its sphere of influence. A firm with deep industry know-how, peopled by Senior Leaders who led from the front and believed in the power of execution, and whose solutions were firmly anchored in insights and cognizant of realities.

Q 2 . What does Vasutti represent?

Vasutti, at one level is a Consulting firm. At another level, it represents an entity that values and embodies thought leadership, domain expertise & execution focus. It believes in putting the Customer at the Centre, and is guided by this in all its actions. I see these as our key differentiating factors. Our Practitioners come with extensive industry experience, an in-depth understanding of issues and grasp the hard challenges associated with execution. While skills can be acquired, it is crucial to have a distinct proposition for our customers.

Q 3. What are the values of Vasutti and why have you selected them?

The Mission and Values of Vasutti truly represent our outlook to work with customers in a manner that is seamless with a strong focus on execution and enabling the future. We believe that in a cluttered environment, simplicity confers a clear advantage and our offerings reflect that. I truly believe that as we grow our business and enable our customers to do so, the brand of Vasutti should resonate in people’s minds as having left a lasting impression in their ability to grow as professionals. That way we would be Powering Peak Performance.



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