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Processes are buzz word and widely used in today’s organizational context. However, understanding around processes continue to be a challenge despite its wide use in last two to three decades. 

Organizations approach the above perspectives based on traditional approaches and end up not attaining the most optimal structures. These are: 

  • Management continues to overlay new process-oriented organization over functional structure defeating its very purpose.
  •  Redesign initiatives are unable to keep pace against the fast-changing customer / marketplace needs making it ineffective. 
  • Automation assumed to be panacea for all failures which is not. Automation addresses efficiency issue but not always effectiveness issue if not consciously designed. 
  • Improvement, Reengineering and Transformation used interchangeably without looking at the relevance and context of what is indeed applicable.

Organizations need to seek most optimal TOM Business Redesign & Transformation is being fuelled by multiple perspective. Each of these perspectives has potential to be central theme for Redesign & Transformation initiative to achieve TOM structure. These perspectives could be:

  • Customer Experience
  • Cost Optimization
  •  Standardization, Functionalization & Consolidation
  •  Delivery Consolidation based on GRL model (Global, Regional, Local)
  •  Shared Services Creation and / or Optimization
  •  Role Based Lean Organization Structure
  •  Outsourcing Model with Optimal Outsourced vs Retained Organization and Multi-shore Models.

We at Vasutti understand this dichotomy extensively, being practitioner for a long time and having demonstrated it in numerous cases. We first conduct a thorough & comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment to understand the current landscape and opportunity. We analyse and help organizations redesign processes based on four distinct design principles bringing in clarity of scope and scale of intervention viz.,

The diagnostic assessment output is further distilled based on four distinct design principles bringing in clarity of scope and scale of intervention viz.,

• Exploitative – when there are significant gaps in existing processes to meet current requirements, this requiring Process Improvement methodology.
• Explorative – when the need for change is anticipated in advance and at times driven internally as an aspiration of higher performance, this requiring Reengineering approach.
• Analytical – when the potential of improvement exists but not apparent and is visible only from insights created through deep analytics, this requiring Reengineering approach.
• Transformational – When the process redesign is initiated for a very different objective of radically enhanced performance bringing into the scope all interacting and interdependent processes. There is a paradigm shift into the process redesign factoring embedding of automation & analytics into it.

All design principles leverage intelligent automation with varying degree of implementation scope.

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