At Vasutti, we have a customized approach towards the talent recruitment needs of our customers and to provide talent acquisition solutions that gives a competitive advantage in today’s highly fierce business environment.
We believe in maintaining long-standing relationships with our customers and ensure that organizations find a perfect link with the right talent at the right time.


Our strategy for finding the right candidate includes:

  • Understand and develop the markets we operate in
  • Developing and Understanding of the Organization
  • Develop the Position Specification
  • Identify Suitable Candidates
  • Fulfil requirements in a digital world

Upon approval of the Position Specification by our customers, we source the candidates through:

  • Targeted Search
  • Database Review
  • Internally Generated Candidates
  • Evaluation and Shortlist
  • Interviews

In addition to the above, Vasutti offers customized programs related to talent acquisition process

  • Executive Search​
  • Targeted Search
  • Dedicated Support
  • Career Counselling
  • Network/referrals​
  • Online Advertising​


Versatility becomes the key factor in determining employee value, while compensation systems are linked to business outcomes.  Both require an evolved performance management system that has business goals and Key Result Areas (KRAs) aligned together.
Vasutti provides methodical solution to identify goals based on its potential effect on performance and its purpose as a standard of reference.

  • Clients can leverage the framework provided for goal awareness
  • Guidelines on the listing of goal inventory
  • Evaluation of goals for its appropriateness and possibility
  • Completion of goal selection process.

Vasutti focuses on development of role based KRAs and the relevant KPIs linked to business objectives ensuring robust strategy deployment.
Experienced in working with different industries, Vasutti also adds value to the Performance Management Process by involving an integrated approach focusing on performance, managing people through demonstration of industry best practices, leader behaviours and core values.


Vasutti assists organizations in capturing and analysing strengths of existing employees and development of current skill-sets to leverage existing resources to gain a competitive advantage. We assist in deployment of Development Assessments Centres for better human resource planning and for meeting the higher order needs of employees such as autonomy, variety, and task identity.  This reduces attrition, better succession planning and cost of recruitment.


Direction, alignment, and commitment to achieve results
By investing in the professional development of their executives, organizations can reap a range of benefits that will help them to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment through Vasutti’s Executive Coaching Solution

For the organization, executive coaching can lead to:

  • Improved performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater employee engagement.
  • Develop leadership pipeline
  • Improve retention rates
  • Enhance the organization's reputation as a great place to work
  • Gain a competitive advantage. 


For the Individual, it is a professional development process that focuses on:

  • Enhancing the leadership skills, Decision-making abilities
  • Overall performance.

It involves one-on-one coaching sessions with a coach who works with the executive to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to achieve their goals. 
Coach provides a much-needed sounding board to the executive for ideas, offer new perspectives, and support them to make tough decisions. The Coach will help employees to clarify goals and identify the steps needed to be taken to achieve them. 
A coach supports one to identify the beliefs which guides one’s current thinking and helps create new world views.  
Backed by vast professional experience Vasutti brings these capabilities of providing one on one coaching.  

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