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Technology defines the success of an Organisation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, known as Industry 4.0 is the ongoing Automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern Smart Technologies. Technology has touched every Industry and the most progressive and successful organizations have focused on their Core Business and have outsourced their Technology Support Services to specialized organizations that have People, Process and Tools to address modern technology challenges. The following broad reasons have accelerated the companies, to look for Technology Service Providers.

Technology Complexity

Since there are more than 10 Technology Towers that are in play for seamless functioning of large organizations, it is difficult for a Company to employ specialist in each Technology Tower. Therefore, companies depend on Technology Services Providers, who have expertise in complex technology landscape.

Technology Advancement and Obsolescence

The velocity of Technology Advancement is increasing. Many Products, especially Software based, have new versions coming within 6 months of introduction of the product. Hence the Technical Support personal needs to be current and relevant to service those products. 

Vasutti Services is a specialized Technology Service Provider that can support following technology Towers.

business technology services

Our Technology Services area can be broadly classified into four, namely,

Professional Services (PS)

Project Management (PM)

Managed Services (MS)

Training Services (TS)

Professional Services (PS)

Our Professional Service practise is supported by qualified practitioners with deep domain knowledge. With right set of Tools and Techniques we help organisations to sail through difficult Technology terrain. The broad area of our Professional Services includes Design, Installation and Configuration, Analytics, Audit & Assessment, Migration & Upgrade and User Adoption Services.

These services can be executed by our PS Practitioners across all the 10 Technology Towers. Specifically, the following 3 areas makes the PS Services even more important for keeping the organisation ahead of the Technology curve.

  1. Data Center Modernisation: -
    DC Modernisation has become imperative due to Digitisation, e-Governance, and apparent Digital Transformation of the Economy. Due to this, Organisations are upgrading their IT Infrastructure. This has warranted for having specialist for short duration of DC Migration, Hardware and Software Upgrade activities.


  2. Tech Refresh, Expansion & Integrations: -

    Many organisations who have established their IT Infrastructure 10 Years back or before need Technology Refresh. They would have also expanded their operations, acquired new companies and have been managing different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). This warrants for a Technology Assessment or Audit. It could be a Network Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Wireless Assessment, etc.

  3. People Side of Change Management: -
    Research shows that many Technology Implementations fail, because the resistance of End Users to move into the new environment. The Solution will be to implement a Robust People Side of Change Management, we call it as User Adoption Services (UAS).  

Project Management (PM)

At Vasutti, we believe that any activity or an initiative can be broken down into smaller measurable tasks. These tasks can then be monitored closely to ensure we meet the end deliverable with negligible time or cost escalation.

Our Project Management Methodology achieves the above by ensuring:

  • We Understand the VOC & the Client’s Pain Point
  • Set up process for seamless knowledge transfer
  • Minimum disruption for BAU tasks
  • Identify anticipated risks & put in place mitigation plans in advance
  • Set up a transparent & robust governance framework.

 Our 7-step methodology will benefit the clients in three ways –

  1. Robust Process Tracking approach which can be customized for process migrations, site set ups, L&D initiatives & Process Improvements
  2. Most appropriate phasing of complex tasks with escalation matrix
  3. Transparent Governance Framework

Managed Services (MS)

Managing a heterogeneous Technology environment is a nightmare for CxOs and Technocrats. The Internal IT Team will be having expertise in certain OEMs also the constant version changes happening makes it really complex to fix the technical breakdowns of the IT Infrastructure. This is where we can support organisations across Technology Towers. Our Managed Services (MS) Practice is backed by a superior Network Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC).

business technology managed-services

The above diagram illustrates the various aspects of our MS Capability. We can be an Aggregator of different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) IT Products and extend a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based Manage Service to Organisations. This will help saving Executives Time in managing different OEMs and their SLAs. 

The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Solutions adds value to this entire proposition. While NOC prioritise the IT Performance a SOC focusses exclusively on Security.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Today's enterprises are increasingly susceptible to malware, ransomware, and other types of cyberattacks, but a SOC can protect an enterprise against these attacks. Our SOC Solution covers following areas,

security operations center

Training Services (TS)

Every Technology is undergoing changes in a rapid pace and hence it is imperative that IT Team need to be Skilled to address the challenges. In the Training domain, we deliver cutting edge technology trainings on various domains including, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Data Center, Collaboration, Wireless, IT Security, Cyber Security, Open Stack, etc. Our portfolio includes, Skilling & Customized Programs, IT Best Practice Training, Vendor Certification and Soft Skill Programs for Technocrats, for ensuring better ROI on the IT investment made by Organizations.  

We have qualified Instructors, who have deep domain expertise and most of our Trainers have >15 years industry experience. 

We have various mode to deliver the Technology Training namely,

  • Instructor Led Classroom Training with Remote Labs
  • Remote Instructor Led Training with Remote Labs
  • Hybrid Trainings

We have a robust Governance Mechanism in our Training Delivery model and most of our Technology Training Pedagogy comprises of 60% Lab and 40% Lecture.

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