Capability Building For Businesses Model

Employee adaptability & resilience are coming to the fore as key traits, in the new normal. Organizations need to display agility and ensure their employees are adequately equipped & skilled to excel in the new environment. Vasutti believes that its core vision of ‘powering peak performance’ for its customers can only happen on the plank of capabilities. Capability Building Model  encompasses the methodical approach of developing the potential of Employees through structured learning process, thereby preparing them for the roles and responsibilities that optimizes their potential and benefits the organization.

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Learning Solutions

The Learning solutions are created through the process of Defining, Designing, Developing and Delivering commensurate with the performance and business results which enables buy in from key Stakeholders. Vasutti assists their Clients in constructing DIAGRAMS which has the flexibility to re-create and customize as per requirements while comprehensively covering the steps of the learning process to build capability. DIAGRAMS is built around..


  • Diagnose methodically the capabilities of organization and individuals that impact business & development.
  • Identify the relevance and purpose of building capabilities as per roles and responsibilities.
  • Assessing objectively to link learning requirements with people development and quantifiable targets.
  • Gaps emerging in delivering the roles and learning process needs mapping to requirement within the organization and competition in the marketplace.


  • Re-designing & developing learning strategies and delivering the solution through a combination of on-line learning, virtual class rooms and instructor practice sessions.
  • Aligning capability building as a priority requires ownership, and integrating the learning results into performance management as an effective step.
  • Metrics measuring the progress of the closure of the gaps identified at the beginning of the process close loops the framework.
  • Session Plan and Training Delivery – The final stage is the session plan and delivery of the program or workshop.

Bespoke Solutions

In addition to the above, Vasutti offers customized programs in the following areas aimed at strengthening other crucial capabilities & diversity initiatives of organizations –

Learning Solutions
Employee Well-being
    – POSH
    – Mental Health
Change Management
Performance Management