Customer Centricity & Service Orientation

Customer Service is not about just one department or team, rather it comprises of several champions across the organization who prioritize the products, processes, technology, and attitudes in the best interest of the Customer and works in tandem to provide the ultimate delight to the Customer. To be Customer centric, organizations must EMPOWER their employees to be PROACTIVE reflecting the right attitude while dealing with those MOMENTS OF TRUTH (MOT) and garner unflinching support during service recovery for calling it a TRUCE.

  1. Empower
  2. Proactive
  3. Moments of truth
  4. Truce

Process & Quality

Primary objective of any progressive organization is to deliver Best-in-class   products/services to the customer but built at a low cost to stay profitable in a competitive market. The real challenge is to ensure that the Quality is always upgraded and the processes are continuously reviewed/ redesigned to identify and eliminate waste as well as reduce any process variation to ensure consistency to the customers. Vasutti offers curated set of Trainings on Quality and Process Improvement areas. Those trainings empower your employees with the right kind of knowledge to deal with the day-to-day problem solving as well as ensure to deliver Continuous and Tangible improvements to your processes and products. 

Leadership Development

Leadership has a significant bearing on the functioning of teams and in achieving superior business results. Vasutti enables leaders and managers across different levels in the organizations, to continuously expand their skills to lead stronger and efficient teams, which serve as a catalyst to meet business goals.

Rights and Responsibilities are two sides of the same coin and Vasutti’s POSH Awareness engages employees to understand the nuances of the Act on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace covering all provisions of the Act – Prevention, Redressal and Prohibition.

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