Lean & Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology that has delivered stellar results to a variety of industries across the globe. If your company is on a Transformation journey with an aim to improve the company and employee performance by identifying and eliminating the waste of resources and process/product defects, then this training is apt for you. It combines the proven process improvement methodology of Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise.

Vasutti offers full-suite solutions on Training Lean Six Sigma and also helps you in Implementing and benefitting out of this proven approach.

What do we cover in the Training?

Champions Training – 1 day – For Leadership and Senior management team, who can learn the approach and become a sponsor/champion in the transformation journey.

Yellow Belt Training – 1 day – For all lower pyramid employees who can apply the learning by doing simple analysis of day-to-day problems and help other GB/BB belt projects.

Green belt training – 4 to 5 days – Customizable to suit your industry with specific examples. Aim to create 1st wave of Green Belts who works on improvement projects in the transformation journey.

Black belt training – 7 to 10 days – Facilitates in developing full-time/part-time Black Belts who can lead large size projects delivering values in terms of 2X to 3X returns (ROI).


All the above trainings can be customized to suit your objectives and demands and will include your industry specific examples and exercises.

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