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The advent of the pandemic has seen a rapid change in the way large businesses function. Many have pivoted toward a Work From Home (WFM) or Hybrid model, posing challenges in building a Technology infrastructure to cater to such needs. Operational issues surface and management of large scale outsourced operations is beset with problems.

Vasutti’s Consulting & Competency Building offerings in this space help clients to aspire for NPS Leadership in a calibrated manner. We provide deep diagnostics to unearth issues & opportunities, Redesign customer facing processes, create detail insights leveraging functional analytics approach, recommend implementable solutions and co-own implementation. Our custom-made training intervention ‘REMOTE’ further smoothens the operational challenges in WFM environment.

As a boutique consulting firm, Vasutti believes in providing best end to end solutions for our clients through business partnerships & alliances. Vasutti has partnered with OZONETEL – one of the best cloud based service providers to tackle the current operational concerns faced by Clients. OZONETEL offers secure & cloud-based communication solutions to provide better customer experience at a lower cost for contact centres.

OZONETEL provides state of the art AI & Omnichannel tools with intelligent monitoring. Coupled with Vasutti’s expertise, it provides an effective solution to clients towards optimizing cost and achieving NPS Leadership.

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Customer Seeking Solutions

  • Call center operations
  • CRM Integration
  • Cloud-based Support
  • Channel Integration
  • Self Help Automation
  • Analytical insights
  • Enhanced NPS & CSAT
  • Effective Remote Mgt. (WFM)

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 Ozonetel Solutions:

  • Secure & Stable Cloud-based solution
  • CRM Integration
  • Intelligent Queue & Performance Monitoring
  • AI Based Omnichannel Platform
  • Inbuilt DR & BC Solutions

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