Difficult Conversations with Customers

The advent of Social Media, among other things, has significantly altered the nuances of Customer Experience. Impatient customers are increasingly aware of the spread of social media and have adroitly leveraged it. Customer-centric organizations recognize this shift and attempt to address customer issues in time, before they go ‘viral’. They do so through a raft of means centering around – training, process improvement, customer journey mapping, automation, digital & self-help, empowerment etc. Yet they fail to anticipate that Difficult Customer Conversations are inevitable! These conversations are as difficult for the frontline as they are for the customers. The hapless front liner finds himself disadvantaged and pinned down, when dealing with a customer who will brook no more. Not only does it translate into a poor Customer Experience, such interactions also leave a mark on Employee Experience, eventually leading to burnout and attrition. Hence, at Vasutti, we believe dealing explicitly with such scenarios is not only a win-win for CX but also EX!

Difficult Conversations with customers, if handled well, can go a long way in helping win-back the customer and instil confidence in the frontline as well. These conversations cannot be handled through default training scenarios and instead warrant explicit focus and thinking. We believe organizations need to take stock of this and identify the triggers for such scenarios, before embarking on course corrections. Thus recognition of the issue is the first step! Vasutti through its years of research and experience offers an indigenous solution, that equips participants with useful techniques such as positive scripting, power phrases and persuasion skills to change the course of such difficult conversations for more objective driven results. We also support organizations – if needed – in identifying the drivers and root causes of such issues and helping to address underlying issues. 

Our practitioners draw upon their immense experience across service industries with marquee companies to create tailormade interventions, which provide sustainable improvement.

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